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Wellwood Variety Show
Tue, Apr 20, 2021
Start: 12:00 PM



The Wellwood Variety Show is an HSA sponsored event. 

This year the show will be virtual.


Interested in participating?:

  • Click the Information Sheet:



  • Complete the Google Form:






QUESTIONS?  Contact Felicia Sharples at sharplesfam@gmail.com


For those who don’t know, the Wellwood Variety Show is an annual HSA event for all students.  There are no “try-outs” or “cuts”. Everyone who desires to perform can participate.  This year will obviously be different, and we’ve had to adjust our requirements accordingly. Unfortunately we are unable to host a live show this year, but instead will produce a video compilation of all of the acts submitted. 


With the acts being virtual and performed at home, students can be creative with their choices.  We always urge students to think outside the box and usually give the examples of a “glow dance” performance from a few years ago or Google “5th Grade Boys Synchronized Swimming Talent Show Skit.”  It will be more difficult to be creative because of Covid, but we are always impressed with what the students come up with.


This year we will use the following guidelines.  Please read this carefully - all acts must follow the same rules.

    • This year, students can participate in one act.  
    • All acts are limited to 3 minutes and must be school appropriate. Profanity or suggestive language/gestures is not permitted. 
    • All acts need to be submitted in .mp4 format
    • For recording purposes, please use your phone horizontally, not vertically.  This will provide a consistent format.
    • Group acts need to be conducted following all appropriate current Covid guidelines.  If participating in a group act, masks must be worn and students must be socially distanced OR group acts can be recorded via Zoom. If multiple videos need to be combined for an act, this must be done prior to sending it to me for inclusion in the Variety Show video.
    • There will be one mandatory “rehearsal” video.  The act needs to do a dress rehearsal on their own and submit the video to me for approval.  The due date for this submission will be shared at a later date.
    • All songs must be middle school appropriate - no swear words, references to drinking, etc.
    • Feedback will be given if necessary.
    • Acts that do not follow the rules will be omitted from the final compilation.
    • We will merge all the acts into one video compilation.
    • In order to participate in the show, you must agree to the sharing of your child’s recording with the school community.  Typing your full name on the designated location on the sign up form, signifies that the Wellwood HSA has permission to share the link with the Wellwood community.
    • Those interested in being an “MC” will be given a list of acts to introduce and then each introduction will be recorded separately and pieced into the video before each act.  


  • Acts must be submitted by April 9th for the Dress rehearsal.  
  • Final recordings will be due by Tuesday, April 20th.


 Link to Google Doc to be completed is below. 


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